XTRF: The Complex and Expensive Translation Management Tool (and the better alternative)


Copywriting and translations often gets neglected in modern development setups. The symptoms of this can be copy or translations that never change, missing translations (close to impossible to detect without an external tool), persisting grammar or spelling errors or out of sync copy or translation.

To remedy this, developer teams can use a translation management tool. XTRF present itself as a “Translation project management“. It is a very comprehensive tool for translating, managing, billing and vendor integration. Phew, sound exhausting already and it is. Just look at the complex user interface:

XTRF: outdated and complex translation management tool

It is clear that this solution is impossible to integrate in a modern fast pace development environment. This is exactly where git18n.com shines:

  • super simple user interface

  • AI-powered synthesizing

  • effortless Github integration

  • fair pricing (XTRF charges a massive 75 EUR per user per month, git18n.com cost 29 Eur per month for unlimited users)

When the development team has a new translator they simply need:

  • create a Github account (with write permissions to your organization, i.e. any higher than “triage“)

  • sign in on git18n.com

Now the new translator can start adding copy and translations directly to your code/repository (thus ensuring that any changes are included in the CI pipeline). This is how modern and high performance teams collaborate on copy and translations.